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We have the latest Dynojet 250i Dynamometer and are an Official Dynojet Tuning Centre Having your machine tested on a Dynamometer can give surprising results. That ‘seat-of-the-pants’ feel for power is replaced with the latest computerized technology, telling you which modifications are giving you more power… and those that are not!

After being warmed up to operating temperature, the machines are run on the rolling road until a maximum initial mean horsepower figure is given.

A number of runs are performed to assess the machines existing engine power output and the most logical and cost effective way to improve it, if required. Sometimes, the customer has enough horsepower and just wants it to be more usable or rideable. This is where the power/torque graph from a Dyno run is most useful, as any dips or power surges can be seen on the computer monitor and a decision made on the necessary engine or carburation adjustments that are required.

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