Ducati Company 3 Wave Back Protector


The Company 3 Wave back protector, to be used under a racing suit, is lightweight, ergonomic and equipped with a practical storage bag. Maximum safety thanks to the internal core in Aluminium honeycomb frame and Crash Absorb®, the thermoformed perimeter support structure with double density, combined with external polypropylene plates with perforated and corrugated structure and thermoformed polyethylene foam lining. Excellent ventilation, lumbar articulation and adjustable shoulder straps provide the rider with high riding comfort. A must-have for the most sporty and demanding Ducati enthusiasts.

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Adjustable and removable straps
Adjustable lumbar strip with double Velcro®
Lumbar articulation

Dual density thermoformed perimeter support structure
Polypropylene outer plates with perforated and corrugated structure
Thermoformed polyethylene foam lining

Polyester mesh fabric lining on the rear inner side
Aluminium honeycomb frame inner core and Crash Absorb®

Custom bag included

Inner core in perforated Crash Absorb®
Localized comfort padding
Articulated external plates with controlled mobility, made of polypropylene with perforated and corrugated structure

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